COC tips: 5 Essential Elements For clash of clans hack gems

No, don’t set off and take into account the flaws of individuals. And also don’t immediately start bossing people around. Just relax and think about your ideal clan and what is it like? Here are some of the things you may consider (and you may add a lot more):
1. Do you want your clanmates would talk more socially? Some people truly don’t treatment, but a lot of us like to build relationships our clans. If logging into chat and seeing no new text messages and a talk that goes back 10 days makes you unfortunate, then maybe you wish people would chat more. Would it not be nice if you could make friends with them and find out that one of them is rebuilding a car in his garage, another has you in stitches discussing catching the kitchen burning while making enchiladas and another is worried because the youngster is unwell and in the hospital? If you share these same things do you wish others would indulge and respond?
2. Do you want people would fill up donates faster? Are you attacking a great deal with a clear clan castle? Do you take a look at talk and see 10 open up donations and wish people were filling up them? Do you wish people would donate nicer soldiers instead of giants every darn time?
3. Do you want that individuals would become more engaged with battle? Are you wishing more folks would opt in? Would you like those who do to use almost all their attacks? Do you wish they’d map out their attacks and have for advice? That everyone select focuses on that made sense rather than just brainlessly attacking things others should be attacking or that don’t enhance the battle? Wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t use the same army every time without considered the base? Even more amazing, wouldn’t it be nice if indeed they thought about their own base and updated it more often than once a year with real thought about how exactly well it was going to defend?
4. Do you wish people would use the various tools you have available for the clan? If you have a clashcaller, do you wish everyone was using it and being good about upgrading it? Same question with any tool really. When you have a communication platform (Discord, GroupMe, Music group, Line) do you wish people would utilize it to get opinions about bases or strike plans or even merely to show off what armies they’re using to get that awesome loot?
5. Do you want others would show their appreciation? coc hack Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to someone say thank you once in awhile? Do you wish someone would acknowledge your awesome strike or congratulate you on reaching a new townhall level or whatever other achievement? If you put some effort in to help the clan, wouldn't it feel more advantageous if someone observed and informed you they thought you'd done well? Maybe it’d just be nice to see an occasional thanks for even filling a donation request.

Now whatever you answered above: Do this. Visibly.

Like mentioned the clanmate you want others to be. Model the nice behavior.
If others see that what you’re doing is good and find it easy to do likewise a lot of times they will! It is absolutely that simple.
And don't be afraid to indicate your good behavior either! If you’re making a habit of filling up open demands: say that sometimes! If you’re making sure clashcaller is filled out and up to date, say that! Just do it in a way that is positive and not bragging or terribly repetitive. Like “hey, I observed clashcaller was out of date and not everyone had documented their episodes. It’s a lot easier to see what the situation is if it’s all filled out so I proceeded to go ahead and do that!” clash of clans hack or “oh! I noticed there have been a lot of open demands so I filled up all I could. Can others start doing the same?” The key is usually to be positive and also to avoid going too much into nagging territory. Refer back to that whole thing about focus on yourself yet others reactions for you.
If you are acting the way you’d like others to do something and doing things that are positive for the clan, the clan will be a much better spot to be for you and hopefully for others. When searching for a change, always start with yourself first. Then be concerned about everyone else.

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